Birdie Golf Magazine is a buyer’s guide where real players review equipment on the golf course or grass driving range. We collate their opinions to produce a digital magazine and videos.

Our reviews are entirely independent. We work with the golf industry to create fair reviews of their equipment, by real users, without bias – the way it should be.

We believe that the best place to review a golf club is where you play golf – on the golf course. Wind, differing lies, humidity levels and alternating clubs all create unique playing conditions that are best experienced in live play.

Ask your local pro shop if you can demo clubs on the course or grass driving range, you will then learn more of the characteristics of the equipment.


We conducted considerable research to find out what regular golfers want from a golf magazine and how they want to see clubs reviewed. The results have influenced how this magazine was created and we are always looking at improvements. Please take time to contact us with your ideas and comments – we’re listening!


There is no club out there that is a substitute for instruction and practice. Buying the latest tech is not going to turn you into a pro golfer overnight. We know life doesn’t give up enough time as it is, but we suggest that before spending a lot of money on new clubs that you take lessons and practice them for a while. Your swing is unique. The feel of a club with your swing, and the confidence that instills, is all-important to a rewarding day on the course.


We review clubs ‘off-the-rack’. They are selected for the players who are testing them, according to the ability of the player and swing speed. They are not specifically fitted unless we say so within the review. Fitting is important to how a club performs for you and some manufacturers will fit as part of their sales process. For example, Ping have a very thorough fitting process and will fit you to their clubs as part of their service. Our research found that just 16% of people regularly get fitted for their clubs.