Ping Ketsch Putter – Player Review


Ping have always been known for their classic putters but the Ketsch is a new direction. Popular on the Tour, Ping have created a new breed of classic.

Player name: Chris | Occupation: Registered Nurse | Age: 34 | Handicap: 10 | Current Putter: Mizuno MP T-105

Looks: “Fairly large, it’s almost the size of my palm. The face is pretty interesting… it’s just a bunch of grooves.”

Feel: “Pretty good putter, I usually use a mallet myself. [the ball] came off the face pretty soft, probably because of the insert and the material. Ping went with a thicker grip… it helped it a little bit. The thing I didn’t like, was more so, the weight.”

Alignment: “Three alignment lines… one long one, and two shorter ones. It was pretty easy to align.”

Control: “Nothing to worry about if you actually hit off-centre. It was easy to gauge the distance. The grooves were all the same depth. I found my strokes were just straight back and forth”

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“It was easy to gauge the distance.” Chris

Player name: Don | Occupation: Graphic Designer | Age: 60 | Handicap: 28 | Current Putter: Ping B60

Looks: “Matte black finish. Ping have added a new grip… last year’s was a cord, this one has a flat contour.”

Feel: “I found this putter a bit light. The ball comes off very soft on the stroke.”

Alignment: “Alignment is quite the strong point for this putter.”

Control: “It’s forgiveness is good because of the true-roll technology on the insert.”

“Alignment is quite the strong point for this putter.” Don