Loft Up, Spin Down


As you have probably heard there is a revolution taking place in the driver business. Taylormade’s SLDR driver is unlike any driver seen before, with maximum adjustability, packed with tech and with the mantra of ‘Loft Up’. That mantra goes against most players perception of getting maximum distance with lower launch angles. Taylormade are so confident that you’ll be happy with the driver that they will take the club back if you’re not satisfied within 30 days, no questions asked (remember to check the small print before purchasing!).

The SLDR uses a lower spin and higher launch angle to create a longer and more accurate drive. It’s hard to believe but it actually works. I am not a long or accurate driver player, so much so that I didn’t carry a driver for some of last season. I’ve been hitting this club at the range very straight and very long, the first time I’ve hit a driver like this. Between shots, I’d stop from time-to-time, and stare incredulously at this wonder club in my hands. Many Tour pros are now making the switch.

This revolution comes with a price tag though, as one of the more expensive drivers on the market. But you wait til you see the looks on your buddies’ faces. That’ll be priceless.

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